Why Magenta advocates energy management as a Management Discipline?

When the wind changes there are those who build walls and those who build windmills. 

Ancient Chinese Proverb

The importance of effective environmental and energy management is a Global imperative for which we all have a responsibility to our future generations.

Faced with rising energy prices, inefficient energy practices and fragmented information across the organization, how do managers take action to identify opportunities for energy efficiency savings?

We firmly believe in the saying ‘What gets measured gets managed’ and by focusing exclusively on Energy Management as a discipline we are able to support our clients make informed decisions about their energy usage that delivers a visible impact to the bottom line.

Magenta provides real-time, Web-based monitoring for conventional and renewable energy systems – an energy internet to which every device in your building will be eventually connected.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the movement to renew our Global Future by providing our clients with innovative, sustainable energy management products and services.

Our Goal is to deliver greater value for the use of energy throughout the entire life of the building.

We help you manage your Facility, in real-time, confidently, securely, and greener.T