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The Concept of an Energy-Use Ecosystem

Energy use now not only affects a business’s ability to continue operating from one minute to the next, and its ability to do that at a profit; energy use now also affects a business’s reputation, its brand, and its ability to satisfy important stakeholders from right across its major stakeholder categories of customers, employees, and owners/investors. Complexity and impactfulness mean that this ecosystem is rich with opportunities to advance the business’s success, but also with risks and threats to diminish that success and negatively affect the career of business executives.

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Why is saving energy important for the environment?

Reducing your energy use can lower the amount of electricity your utility needs to produce, which you can effectively reduce your personal greenhouse gas emissions (and your carbon footprint) with energy efficiency measures. In addition to the direct financial and environmental benefits of implementing energy efficiency measures, coupling energy efficiency with other “green” practices can offer even further advantages.