EarthCheck is the worlds leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism. Since 1987, we have helped businesses, communities and governments to deliver clean, safe, prosperous and healthy destinations for travellers to visit, live, work and play. The EarthCheck program is built on Agenda 21 principles and is currently used in more than 70 countries across the globe in six languages and across 32 sectors. EarthCheck patented software and systems have set a benchmark for sustainability reporting for the travel and tourism industry. Find out more, visit us at


Established in 1992 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Energex was formed with the mission to develop and supply cost-effective technologies that help prevent energy waste. Utilizing expertise with passive infrared technologies and control systems, Energex identified the potential for an autonomous system that would regulate run time for HVAC as well as various other inputs, based on occupancy.

Energex suite of smart IoT enabled devices including DREAM Thermostats and sensors to manage and lower your HVAC and Lighting bills substantially while providing guests and residents with higher comfort from healthier, more efficient equipment. It has received considerable acclaim by clients as well as media and verified by recognized third parties to reduce energy consumption up to 40%, making it one of the top investments any building owner or manager can make.

The Energex system has been presently deployed in over 180,000+ guest rooms and utilized for over 60 million room nights. Energex is focussed on providing innovative energy-saving products and ongoing service to help clients improve their bottoms lines and reduce their environmental impact.Find out more, visit us at

Based in Richardson,Texas, USA, EnTouch Controls is composed of a team of energy industry veterans with a history of leveraging technology to solve real world problems. The innovative EnTouch EMS is a unique energy management offering for small business owners who have been left behind by traditional building automation solutions. With a simple to install, low cost and easy to use system EnTouch automates energy optimization and enables customers to do what they do best-run their businesses. For more information please visit

EnergyUse Strategy Advisors, a division of Contech Enterprises Limited, is a Hong Kong firm with a legacy of providing services to improve companies’ and institutions’ energy use since 1992. EnergyUse Strategy Advisors takes a unique and entirely innovative approach to energy use.

Robert Allender, Founder and Principal of EnergyUse Strategy Advisors through his vast experience of over four decades in Energy Audits  has been  guiding  chairmen, directors and senior teams all across the globe, with an active or advisory role in making companies more successful. For more information please visit

Marjan Machinery is a technology company focused on solar photo-voltaic panel cleaning technology. Marjan manufactures self-powered and waterless customized PV Solar cleaning robots depending on the orientation of the solar panels.  Deployment of IOT sensors, GSM and Wi-Fi technologies help in monitoring and control of robot located in remote PV solar plant installation. For more information, please visit

Zehnder stands for energy-efficient products and solutions for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate to help to improve quality of life. Created by renowned designers, they impress with excellent functionality. Comfortable indoor ventilation from Zehnder ensures a healthy and comfortable indoor climate in an energy-efficient way, promoting occupant concentration and productivity and increasing the property value. For more information, please visit

Zehnder celebrates 125 years of sustainable and successful history. For more information:

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